Chateau Palmer 2022 Released

Chateau Palmer 2022 from Margaux was released today and was offered to the international trade for £1,788 per 6×75, a 25.7% increase on the 2021’s opening price (£1,422 a case).

Chateau Palmer was listed in the Top 10 wines from the 2022 campaign from the English Wine Trade – and priced with the 25% increase, we feel this is at the very limit of what is acceptable and will be taking a smaller allocation than usual of this superb wine.

Neal Martin (Vinous) awarded the wine a barrel range of 96-98 points, praising the wine’s ‘tannic backbone’ that lends a ‘sense of verticality’. In his words: ‘do reserve a bin for your cellar for this and let it gather dust for at least a decade’.

‘A monumental achievement’, says Lisa Perrotti-Brown (Wine Independent) who rated the wine at 96-98+. She writes that, despite needing ‘a lot of shaking and swirling’, the wine is ‘supported by a skyscraper structure’ of tannins and enjoys a finish of ‘epic length and depth’.

Jane Anson (Inside Bordeaux) was only slightly more reserved, scoring it 96 points and deeming it a ‘serious, structured’ wine with ‘everything turned up pretty high’.

‘A magnificent wine in every way’, writes Antonio Galloni (Vinous), who called it ‘one of the most surprising wines of the year’.

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