Liv-ex is the global marketplace for the wine trade – and has the world’s largest open-source database of wine. With nearly 500 trusted merchant members and £70m of stock available for sale and purchase, it is the ideal place to trade fine wines.

Price Wine Accurately

We take our market valuations from Liv-ex. Prices from auctions and advertised listings can be unreliable. As members of Liv-ex, we have instant access to accurate data, over 644m current and historic transaction price points for over ¼ million wines. It provides WIW and our customers, accurate data that we can rely on.

Sell Wine Globally

Liv-ex allows us to reach trusted buyers who are interested in buying stock from all over the world. There are merchant members from 40+ countries who are able to offer the wines to their broad base of customers too. Routes to market can sometimes be hard to find. Other problems include orders getting cancelled, or payments being slow, and even logistics can be problematic.

Liv-ex has covered each of these issues and we are able to sell quickly and easily when offering your wines to the world’s largest pool of professional wine buyers.
Liv-ex stands behind every trade and manages transactions, so we don’t need to worry about unreliable buyers and complicated supply chains.

For more information – please visit Liv-ex website: