Château Canon 2022 released

Another hugely exciting release this week as Canon’s opening price is announced. It is being offered by the international trade for £1,440 per 12×75, up 33.3% on the 2021’s opening price (£1,080 per 12×75).  Although it is a fair bit more expensive than the 2021 vintage, it gets a better score from Neal Martin and is still priced favourably compared to the 2015 and 2020 vintages. This means of the three 97 point wines of the last 10 years, the 2021 vintage is at the lowest price.

Neal Martin (Vinous) awarded the wine a barrel range of 96-98 points, highlighting the ‘beautifully-defined bouquet’ on the nose as a ‘triumph’ amidst 2022’s hot growing season. In his words: ‘one of the more intellectual and saline Canon wines in recent years’.

William Kelley (Wine Advocate) gave it a barrel range of 99-100 points. In his tasting note, he said: ‘From an estate that is delivering its greatest run of vintages since the superb Post War series that preceded the frosts of 1956, the 2022 Canon is a magical wine that will be worth every effort to track down’.

Jean-Marc Quarin scored it 98 points. He noted that ‘the wine melts and above all perfumes the mouth like never before, with less corpulence than in other vintages’ and added that it has ‘a taste profile without comparison in Bordeaux revealed by this very special vintage’.


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