Bordeaux 2020 En Primeur Webinar

Given the continued travel restrictions at both home and abroad, it was pleasing to host a webinar with good numbers of our current investors and also potential investors.
(Banner Photo – wines from Chateau Lafite Rothschild)

Special Guest – Max Sichel

Jeremy, Sophie and I were joined by Max Sichel, part of the historic Famille Sichel negotiant, who are one of our key suppliers in Bordeaux for investment grade wines.

It was brilliant to have Max at hand, who was able to give us the background of Sichel and was also able to guide us through the main tasting notes for the Argadens 2016 that we were all enjoying.

How Investment Wine works – and Our Strategy

Throughout the presentation, we covered important factors about how wine works in your investment portfolio. The main benefit being the generous tax treatment by not being subject to capital gains tax. Outlining our buying strategy is important – and we explained the type of wines we buy year on year, and also why we select them.

How our investment wines are performing

Now into our 7th Bordeaux En Primeur campaign, we have plenty of data to fall back on. The 2014’s, 15’s, 18’s and 19’s are performing well right now, while the 16’s and 17’s are still to get going. We are optimistic that the fine wines that feature in those syndicates will not disappoint and will start to increase in value in the near future.

It was important for us to demonstrate our own Investor portal, that investors will be given access to shortly. Here they will be able to keep up to date with the performance of their portfolio – as well as store formal documentation such as bonded warehouse account details and invoicing for example. We expect the portal to continually evolve so our investors can access more and more useful and interesting information.

2020 Release Expectations

Moving onto the 2020 release and our expectations. The headline news is that we expect the 2020 campaign to be an exciting one to get involved in. The rumours are that the prices will increase on 2019, however they should not return to the higher levels of 2018. If that is the case and release prices do not exceed a 10 to 15% increase on 2019, this is an excellent campaign to get involved with and have as part of your investment portfolio.

Managing your Portfolio

Sophie then finally took us through the exciting and important Regulations and Fees page, before moving onto the important aspect of Selling Your Wines. We are now starting to sell 2014 and 2015 wines from syndicates – and we have a number of different avenues to sell through. Please do get in touch with us if you would like to discuss disposing of your wines.

In Summary

  • 2020 is looking like another good investment year
  • We will select the best investment wine opportunities for our syndicates
  • Please let us know your indicative plans by the end of April
  • The campaign is likely to get underway in May and run through until the end of June.

The next steps

The slide deck and link to the recording of the webinar are available on request. Please contact

Here’s to another exciting Bordeaux En Primeur campaign!