The Investment Wine Weekly Roundup – Sassicaia 2020 Takes Centre Stage and Bordeaux 2019 ‘Could be the Greatest Ever’

Sassicaia 2020 Takes Centre Stage

Sassicaia is a legendary wine produced in the Bolgheri region of Tuscany, Italy. This wine is made primarily from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and is considered to be one of the finest examples of the Bordeaux-style blend. Sassicaia is renowned for its rich, full-bodied flavour, with notes of dark fruit, cassis, and hints of vanilla and spice. The wine is known for its smooth and complex taste and has earned the title of a “Super Tuscan” due to its quality and prestige.

Sassicaia is not only renowned for its outstanding flavour, but also for its investment credentials. This legendary wine has a long history of appreciation in value. Sassicaia is a limited production wine, with generally only a few thousand cases produced each year, adding to its exclusivity and driving up demand. Its consistent high ratings and awards from wine critics only further solidify its position as a top investment wine. With its combination of rare, high-quality wine and a history of value appreciation, Sassicaia is a sought-after addition to any wine portfolio.

The highly anticipated release of the Sassicaia 2020 vintage has finally arrived, with cases being sold for £2,400, a 20.6% increase from the 2019 release price of £1,990 per case. The 2020 vintage, however, will have a reduced volume due to a more restrictive fruit selection process following a hot vintage. According to wine critic Monica Larner, volumes for the 2020 vintage are down 25%.

The release of each new vintage of Sassicaia is always highly anticipated, with the wine often becoming the most traded Tuscan wine in the secondary market. The 2019 vintage is a testament to this, with the wine trading at a 23.4% premium on its release price just a few months after its release. The 2019 vintage went on to become the most traded Sassicaia vintage that year, followed by the 2018 vintage.

Bordeaux 2019 ‘Could be the Greatest Ever’

The Bordeaux 2019 vintage is back in the spotlight following the annual Southwold tasting, where it topped the scoreboard according to a variety of critics, even outperforming legendary vintages such as 2016, making it one of the greatest vintages ever.

Jancis Robinson MW described the vintage as “perhaps the best I have ever tasted at this stage” with “masses of ripe fruit” and “lots of tannin” for longevity. The vintage was a surprising success, released during the height of the European lockdown and offering high-quality wines at attractive prices. The 2019 vintage has been the most traded Bordeaux vintage in the last year, with some of the top-scoring wines seeing significant increases in value.

On average, the 2019s were released at a 21% discount to the 2018s, with some châteaux offering price cuts of up to 31% – This is ‘good news for those who took advantage of the relative bargains that were Bordeaux’s 2019s offered en primeur’, according to the critic.

All figures used are from Liv-Ex

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