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2014 Vintage Summary

As you may remember, pricing for the 2014 campaign was the crucial component as old and new buyers of En‐Primeur wines needed to see an incentive to buy after the Châteaux released their 2011, 2012 and 2013’s at unrealistic price levels. Moreover, the lack of understanding from many Bordeaux producers caused much ill feeling, which in turn, called into question the future of En‐Primeur. 2014 was accordingly a very important campaign.

Despite naive pricing from some Châteaux, the 2014 En‐Primeur campaign was arguably the most successful campaign since 2010 in terms of sales, as many Châteaux released their 2014’s at attractive prices against the then current market price of the 2006 and 2008 vintages, which are both on‐par in terms of quality.

Interestingly, seven Châteaux clearly shaped the 2014 campaign for us across the various Waud Investment Wine Syndicates. These being Châteaux Lafite Rothschild, Mouton Rothschild, Pontet Canet, Duhart Milon, Canon, Rauzan Segla, Lynch Bages and the second wines of Lafite and Mouton, namely Carruades de Lafite and Petit Mouton. Many of these wines featured in your portfolio.

Remaining wines in Charles Waud Syndicate - 2014

Wines Purchased in 2015. Valuations correct as at March 2024.
WineSizeCasesBuy per caseMarket ValueInvestedValueIncreaseChange
2014 Pontet Canet6x7510£324£305£3,240£3,050-£190-6%